The School Patron
All Irish primary schools are required to have a patron. The roles and responsibilities of the patron fall under three main headings:-
i:  To provide and maintain the school premises;
ii: To appoint and oversee the operation of the Board of Management; and
iii: To preserve the ethos of the school.
The role of patron is carried out in most Irish national schools by a religious institution. Educate Together acts as the school patron for most Educate Together schools. RMDS as one of the earliest ‘Educate Together Schools’ has its own independent patron as it was established prior to Educate Together (ET) being recognised by the Department as a patron. There are eleven schools in the Educate Together Community that have an independent patron. Not withstanding this independent status, RMDS is very much part of the Educate Together movement, and adheres and contributes to ET policies and developments.
The patron of RMDS is the Ranelagh Multi-Denominational School Association (RMDSA). The RMDSA executive committee members serve as the directors of this company. In common with all other limited companies, the RMDSA arranges an AGM every year where it elects an Executive Committee from its members to discharge its functions.
The RMDSA Executive Committee for 2021/2022 are:-

Stephen O' Herlihy (Chairperson)

David Clerkin (Treasurer)

Sara Reilly (Secretary)

Andrew Howley 

Jason Nebenzahl 

Hazel Chu 

Lorcan Staines

Sophia Purcell 


If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Executive Committee, via the school office.
Email: Executive Committee (
Ranelagh Multi-Denominational School,
Ranelagh Road,
Dublin 6.
T: +353 1 496 1722