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Childcare FAQ

What are the opening times of the childcare?
There are two sessions, the first from 13.10 to 14.10, and the second from 14.10 to 18.00. The following table shows the times for each session, and the arrangements for holidays:

Session Time Holidays/Camps
Early 13.10 – 14.10 Camps: 8.30-2pm / Childcare 2pm-6pm
Afternoon 14.10 – 18.00 July Summer Camp + Childcare:
8.30-2pm / 2pm-5pm


Will the childcare operate during school holidays?
The childcare operates during school holidays, with camps from 8.30 – 2pm and childcare in the afternoons. We are closed for one week at Christmas, one week at Easter, and the month of August.

How many places are available in each session?
In the early session (13.10 to 14.10) there are 20 places. In the afternoon session (14.10 – 18.00) there are 35 places.

Are there part time places available?
Part time places are available for the full and afternoon sessions, but not for the early session (13.10 – 14.10).  You will be charged a monthly rate based on the number of days a week your child has a place in the service.

If I get a place when do I pay the fees?
If you are offered a place a deposit equal to the amount of your monthly fee is due in on the 1st week of June. Thereafter you must pay your fees on or before the fifth day of the month, starting on September through our website using Easy Payments Plus.

Can I choose not to use the service for a couple of months and keep my place?
All places are based on making a 10 month commitment (September to June).  If you want to keep your place you must pay your monthly fee each month by the fifth day of the month.

What is the enrolment policy for 2018/2019?
Places are allocated using the following policy. The enrolment policy is broken down by session:

Early: 13.10 – 14.10
There are 35 places in this session. Parents who apply for both the early and the afternoon session will be given first preference – however you must commit for six months in the afternoon session -if not you will lose your early session place. The current juniors going into seniors will keep their place unless they opt out. There will be a certain amount of places allocated to the incoming  juniors, and then children who have siblings . Any remaining places will be filled on a lottery basis.  Quotas will be used to make sure that both junior and senior infants are represented fairly.

Afternoon: 14.10 – 18.00
Available places in this session will be allocated on a lottery basis using quotas to ensure that Rang 1 to Rang 6 is represented fairly.

How much notice do I have to give if I want to stop using the service?
You must give us one month’s notice, in writing, if you want to stop using the service. Your deposit will then be used for this notice.

Will the Service offer different activities for the children during holiday periods?
Yes.  During holiday times there will be a schedule of activities organised that will include activities like outings, baking, music, and arts and crafts projects.  In addition we will organise camps which will also be available to  children from  outside the school. There will be a non refundable deposit for the camps to hold your place.

What do I do to secure my place if I am offered a place in the childcare service?
You have one week to pay the first month’s fee (deposit) to secure your place. If we have not heard from you within a week, we will offer the place to another family.

Will siblings be given places together?
Siblings will be allocated places together.

Does the service offer ad hoc or drop in places?
Drop in places are  available for the afternoon session (14.10 to 18.00).  They must be booked in advance.  They are only available for the complete session, not on an hourly basis. Children from juniors or seniors who are already attending the early session can also book into ad hoc.

Will my children get a meal at the childcare?
There will be a substantial snack provided to children in the full and afternoon sessions. If your child has any allergies or dislikes please notify the Childcare Manager. Sample menus are available from the Childcare Manager at

Can my children continue to attend extra-curricular activities if they are enrolled in the childcare?
Yes. Your children will be collected from all extra-curricular activities organised at RMDS and Mount Pleasant Tennis court.  We will not be able to collect, or bring, your children to activities organised elsewhere. The childcare manager must be notified about these activities if not, the staff cannot collect your child.

Can my children do their homework while they are childcare?  Will help be available?
Yes your children can do their homework. There will be help available, but it is not the role of the staff in the childcare service to teach the children, so it is important that parents continue to check that their children have completed their homework appropriately

RMDS Childcare Service Fee Policy

The fees are calculated based on a monthly fee. This fee is payable for 10 months of the year – September through June.  On holidays there will be an additional fee to cover the extra time your child spends in the childcare, which is itemised in the fee table below.  There will be no reduction in the fees if you choose not to avail of the service for a number of days during the month.

July Camp/Childcare
We will be offering a July camp which starts at 8.30am to 2pm and childcare in the afternoon till 5pm. Payment will vary due to the trips and activities that will be available.  A non refundable deposit of €20 will hold your child’s place.

Method of Payment
Payment is made through RMDS website. Go to childcare click and scroll ,you will be able to pay your monthly fees, camp fees, ad hoc etc.
The childcare will not be taking any cash or cheque payments from September.

Consistent lateness with fees, or non-payment of fees, will result in a family being asked to withdraw from the service.

If you are offered a place a deposit equal to one month’s fee is due immediately. Your deposit is used against the fee for your last month.

What if I can’t afford the fees?
The Childcare is part of the ACS  – Affordable Childcare Scheme and CCSP – Community Childcare Subvention Plus
These programmes allow eligible parents to access reduced childcare costs at participating community childcare services. Full details available by return email from the Childcare Manager.

Fee Schedule

Term Time          
Session Full Time 4/week 3/week 2/week 1/week
13.10 – 14:10 €90 NA NA NA NA
13:10 – 18:01 €510 €465 €405 €300 €195
14:10 – 18:01 €420 €375 €315 €210 €105
Drop-in €25/session
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