Senior Infants Class Meeting 2017-18 summary

  • RMDS Code of Discipline –available HERE.
  • Senior Infant Team working with me this year are Amal Perera (Learning support), Anne Maguire (classroom Assistant shared with Junior infants), Paul Fairbrother (Mainstream Resource Teacher)
  • Punctuality – 30am is school opening time. The gate is opened a few minutes before so that everyone can be in the classroom from 8.30am. anyone in after 8.40 is marked “late”.School finishes at 1.10pm and prompt collection is greatly appreciated.
  • Let me know in advance if someone different is collecting your child. It’s school policy not to allow children to go with anyone else unless school has been contacted.
  • Curriculum matters: Gaeilge, English , Mathematics, Art, PE, Music, Drama, Environmental science and Core Curriculum.
  • Senior Infants reading programme – continuation of Oxford Reading Tree programme as well as revision of letter sounds.
  • Homework in Senior Infants -given from Monday to Thursday inclusive. They should be able to understand and complete the tasks given, as they are fully prepared and it’s explained in school on Monday. It may sometimes be necessary to read the instructions with them. All written homework should be completed with a lead pencil only. Folders are distributed on a Monday. Please ensure child’s name is on each sheet. Reading should be practiced every night. Please sign your child’s homework also. It should take no more than 20 minutes of concentrated time. If your child experiences any difficulties please let me know.
  • Homework folders need to be kept in bags as I regularly check them and hear reading.
  • Behaviour/Rewards – Sticker charts are used to reward positive behaviour and great effort individually in Senior Infants. We focus on the positive and generally the children are very well behaved.
  • PE – happens on Wednesdays and Thursdays and they will be starting GAA next week also, which also happens to be on a Thurs.
  • Art/PE/Drama – class is split in half for these lessons and teaching is shared with Mr.Fairbrother.
  • Parent Teacher meetings – Formal Parent/Teacher meetings will take place this year in November. If you require another appointment during the year, do not hesitate to ask.
  • Lunchtime, Breaks and Healthy eating policy – RMDS encourages a healthy eating lunch policy throughout the school. Crisps, sweets, chocolate, cake and fizzy drinks are not allowed. However, children may bring in a treat to celebrate special occasions.
  • Toy Day Friday– The children are allowed to bring toys into school to play with before 8:50 am and at break time every Friday only. They are not allowed to take them out in class and are not allowed have them any other day to, avoid distraction.
  • Show and Tell / News – happens on Fridays, one group each week gets to show and tell or can tell class some news instead. Children will be given advance warning so they can be prepared.
  • Forest school – will take place for Senior Infants in the summer term and there will be a meeting after the Easter holidays with all the details. Meanwhile look at school website for lots of information and a short, lovely video clip about on it.
  • Zoo trip (Summer term) – will let you know in advance as we organise others throughout the yearMy email is if you need to let me know about any school matters.

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