Rang 4 term news

2019 kicked off to a very busy start for Rang 4 with preparation in full swing for our RDS Science Blast. We worked very hard on our project for three months where we were busy planning, building, testing, drawing conclusions, making and designing posters for the big presentation at the RDS on Wednesday 6th March 2019. Our question was ‘Does the shape of a rocket affect the height it travels?’ We had so much fun at the Science Blast and we even received a plaque for our work

We also took a class trip to Dr. Mill Theatre to see an exploration Dome Pop-up Planetarium. We had a Science ‘Workshop by Anyone 4 Science’ where we got to test some acids and bases. We also started the Junior Achievement Programme with Muireann who is a solicitor and works for ‘Ancestry’. Throughout this programme, we learned all about sole traders, partnerships, companies, production methods and we even managed our own business, ‘Pen Mania’

In English, we read our second novel of the year ‘Holes’. We loved this book and as a treat we got to watch the film. We spent some time working on our persuasive writing skills. We were given the motion: ‘Should there be a tax on sugar?’ We had lots of fun planning and organising our points in order for us to be prepared to debate for or against the motion. This term also saw the beginning of ‘Reading Buddies’. Rang 4 were super excited to be given the opportunity and responsibility to read with Rang 1. Both classes seemed to really enjoy the experience. We also had a workshop from ‘Learn It’, where the class got to explore some coding through Lego.

March was very eventful. We started researching and gathering information for our History group project based on Vikings. The children were put in groups of three and were given certain requirements along with a deadline and they then got the opportunity to present their projects to the class using Google slides. On top of all this we even had time to take a class trip to Dublinia where they got a tour of what the Viking times were like. They had the opportunity to try on some Viking clothes, stroll down a noisy street, visit a smoky and cramped Viking house, saw the Viking runic alphabet and heard their poetry and sagas. We really enjoyed the myths and learned of the many mysteries that surround the Vikings and their legacy. We also took a trip to Rathmines library to see a Viking Exhibition.

In SPHE and Core Curriculum we were learning all about Internet Safety. As it was Internet Safety Day on 5th February 2019, we gained knowledge on what we can do to help protect ourselves when using the internet. We had many discussions around this topic and we learned top tips for when we are online. We began the Weaving Wellbeing programme and it has been going well. Lots of interesting topics were raised over the weeks. We have a few more topics to cover in Term 3 with this programme.

In Creative Arts, we embarked in many exciting art creations where we entered a world of creativity and celebrated all things colourful.  We expressed our personalities by painting and marked the special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter.

It was also a busy term for physical education where we were focusing on the strands of gymnastics, athletics and dance. We had a dance workshop with independent Theatre Workshop which was very enjoyable. We had lots of fun with these activities and many of the children even taught me a move or two. Watch this space!

Conn and Hazel were on the Active Schools Committee this term and had a meeting with the other class representatives most weeks in order to keep us well informed and on our toes at all times. They were involved in organising and helping out for our big fundraising and awareness event ‘Mission to Morocco’. Figures crossed all the hard work will pay off and RMDS will get the Active flag!

Simon and Yousra have been great class representatives on the Student Council. They worked hard and always took our opinions and ideas back to the meetings!

We would also like to thank Anne, Ms. Ryan and Mr. Fairbrother for their ongoing support and assistance to Rang 4 throughout Term 2. They are always available to help us with many activities and we greatly appreciate it.

Lastly, we are looking forward to the Easter holidays and we would like to wish all our friends and family a very happy Easter. We look forward to lots more hard work and fun in Term 3!


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