Junior Infant Class Meeting Notes 2018


  • Based on the school code of behaviour - respect, tolerance and consideration
  • Introducing the rules gradually.
  • Working on sitting in our chair and raising our hand to speak.
  • Rules based on respect, tolerance and consideration for ourselves and each other.
  • Create a positive class atmosphere - we are a team we work together
  • Please speak to me if there is any issue
  • Class based rewards and individual behaviour plans where necessary.
  • Never speak about another child
  • May be unaware of actions being taken
  • Bullying is NOT tolerated in any way in the school
  • Work with children and families to help the victim and the child doing the bullying
  • Children need to learn how to behave


  • School begins at 8.30am
  • Very important your child is in on time
  • Socialising settling in playing with friends


  • Phone or e-mail the office or tell the class teacher

Core Curriculum

  • Specific to our school.
  • Every morning


  • My body, my senses, my feelings,My family, My school, My home, Pets
  • Disabilty Awareness -Blindness and Asthma –
  • Children around the world – differences and similarities
  • Birth and birthday customs
  • Christmas – Visit to Rathmines church
  • St. Brigid and Spring Festivals

Healthy eating policy

  • Please ensure your child has a healthy lunch. Parents must ensure this. NO NUTS
  • Children are not to have treats in the lunch box except on special days such as Halloween/ Christmas. No treats for birthdays.

10.30-10.40 am- Children play in the yard outside 12.20-12.45- Roof terrace

  • All staff wear high vis vests and children have been told to speak to anybody in a high vis vest
  • Yard – 1 teacher and 1 SNA. Roof terrace – 1 teacher and 1 SNA
  • Children are expected to include all children in their games
  • No rough play allowed. Chasing games, imaginary games, capture the flag, skipping
  • Incidents recorded by teacher on duty


All children accepted and celebrated in our school. See school policy. Special needs is a very broad category some children may need help throughout their time in school or your child may need help for a period of time due to a family bereavement or an illness. Being fair is not giving everybody the same thing but giving everybody what they need. This is what we strive to do balancing the needs of the group with the needs of the individual.


Aistear is being used in JI. It is a play based learning methodology to enhance the children’s learning.


Oral Language

Primary focus in JI

  • Very important that children develop good oral language skills as everything else stems from this.
  • Children talking to the whole class – Show and tell
  • Children talking individually to adults
  • Children talking to each other
  • Rhymes/ songs


  • Telling stories and reading books to them to instil a love of reading and stories
  • Letterland – for the alphabet
  • Dolch words – very common words that are learned by sight
  • Oxford reading tree- children will read at home


  • Encourage and celebrate emergent writing
  • Writing centre in the classroom
  • Teacher is scribe for the children
  • Children will work on fine motor skills – play doh, beads, peg boards, cutting activities
  • Prewriting and writing activities
  • Please encourage correct pencil grip.


  • All based on oral language in Junior Infants. Songs rhymes games. Please use Irish at home if you have any. Positive attitude towards Irish


  • Mainly taught through games and using concrete materials
  • Matching a very important part of Maths in JI
  • Analysis of number up to 5 in JI


  • Link to themes in CC and SPHE
  • School, Myself, My senses, my body – growing and changing. The Squirrel, the oak tree, the barn owl, nocturnal animals, the seasons, materials, Day and night, Timelines, Weather.

Visual Art

  • Process is very important
  • Paint, Drawing, Clay, Construction, Study of famous artists


  • Ceol programme
  • Music used throughout the day to teach routines, have fun


  • Movement encouraged throughout the day
  • Movement break every morning outside or in the classroom
  • Mr Fairbrother takes half the class to the hall for formal PE lesson


  • Themes linked to SESE and CC except for RS component


  • Copies and books are kept in classroom. Feel free to look at your child’s work in the morning.

Parental Support

  • Always welcome to come and talk to us.
  • Welcome help and support

Trips and Tours

  • Rathmines Catholic Church, Rathmines Library, The Ark, Glenroe Farm.


  • Belfield Infant Assessment Profile
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