We have been very busy this term. It would be too much to mention everything so here are some of our highlights!

Everyone’s favourite part is seeing our buddies every week. Everyone in our class has been paired up with a buddy from Junior Infants. We have played in the park, we have made art together and we have planted bulbs around the school. 

In science we have made ferris wheels, racing cars and dancing robots.


In English we had a real-life court case where we discussed electric cars. We read about the boy who invented the T.V, myths and legends and inventors.


In maths we did lots of fractions and all the normal topics. Some people even moved on to algebra!


We talked about bia, an scoil and mé féin in Gaeilge.


In history our highlight was the Industrial Revolution.


In art we made stained glass windows and we made Medusas.


For our assembly and in core curriculum we learned about the Jewish festival Sukkot and we said a poem.


In our winter concert our theme was the winter solstice. We learned about the winter solstice around the world. We sang a song, recited two poems and showed our movement break dance - Waka Waka. We all really enjoyed it. 


Last but not least, we have enjoyed being on the Wellbeing Committee for the school. We introduced a chime that is randomly rung in the classrooms and when it is heard we all take some breaths. It has been working really well. 


Next term we are getting excited to get started on our World War II topic and start practising for the musical. 


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