It's been a busy week in Rang a hAon as we had lots of birthdays!  This week it was Conn and Flynn's birthday as well as James' last week and Joni's next week. It was also Shane's birthday before we came back to school. To celebrate all the January birthdays, we took a trip to Ranelagh Gardens on Friday. In art this week, we learned about an artist called Andy Warhol and his style of art called Pop Art! We made our own colourful pop art and will hang them up next week. In maths, we finished off learning about money and some people in the class brought in old Irish coins and currencies from different countries. We liked looking at the differences and similarities between the money we use and the money used in different countries. We were very excited to have Simon back in school this week and loved practicing our GAA skills on Wednesday morning. We have also been learning all about littering and recycling and trying to make an effort in our own classroom to recycle as much as we can! 

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