Rang 4 Booklist 2017–2018



— NEW My Spelling Workbook E, Prim-Ed
— Word Wizard 4th Class, Gill
— Oxford English Dictionary, (Irish Edition), EDCO


— Planet Maths 4, Folens
— Maths Challenge 4 - Revised, Folens
— *Time for Tables, EdCo


— Bun Go Barr 4, CJ Fallon
— Irish/English Dictionary


— Small World: Geography & Science Activity Book, CJ Fallon
— Small World: History Activity Book, CJ Fallon


— *Aulos Descant Recorder “Student” version – available in Alan Hanna Bookshop Rathmines


— A4 Sketch Pad
— 8 copy books (Aisling A11)
— 4 sum copies (C3)
— 1 A4 lined refill pad
— 1 sturdy A4 pocket folder
— 1 notebook (small)
— 1 small sturdy plastic basket 36cm x 26cm

Please get a soft pencil case, HB pencils, eraser, sharpener, round tipped craft scissors, 30 cm. ruler, 1 large Pritt stick, colouring pencils.

N.B. All children must have white-soled runners for P.E. in Mountpleasant L.T.C.

Please note:

Book Rental: Several sets of class novels will be provided under the school’s Book Rental Scheme along with textbooks in History, Geography and Science and an Atlas
Please print child’s name clearly on the front of all books and copies and label all belongings

* Keep from last year

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