Our first term in Rang 5 was amazing! We were so happy to see Aron after a whole year and we had a new student named Leila that joined our pack! We were extremely excited to find out that we had the very important responsibility of having Senior Infants as Buddies. During the Rugby World Cup, we did projects on the participating countries and we did a lucky draw to see who would be assigned to all the teams. In the end, Toby, Arlo, Elise and Lorna won and they got a brilliant prize. Later on in the term, we did a project about Ancient Roman which was a blast! We have done a lot of performing since September including the Winter Concert and in Drama class we recreated the story of the BBW (Big Bad Wolf) in court. We also had loads of fun reading Sinead Moriarty’s new novel “Finding Hope”. We had the honour of meeting Sinead Moriarty herself at the library in Rathmines and we got her autograph! We have also been quite active this year as we have been going to Mount Pleasant every Friday for PE and we have been playing our favourite game “Rounders”! We also went on a Halloween walk with our Senior Infant Buddies around Ranelagh to show off our amazing costumes and just a few days before we took a beautiful walk down to Palmerston Road to see the Halloween decorations! 


By Elise, Leila and Arlo!        


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