Rang 5

This week is National Bike Week. On Thursday everyone in Rang a Cúig tried to cycle into school if we could. On other days other classes cycled into school. We also recorded how far we cycled each day - so far Rang a Cúig have cycled over 200 km.

For art last Friday our class made ‘Behind the Mask’ pictures - you can see these below in our images. The art was folded so that you could flip it in and out so it looked like we were taking the mask ‘on’ and ‘off’. On the side where the mask is ‘off’ we wrote and decorated some of our many positive personality traits. This week we did shape art. You can also see this below. We cut out shapes from card and then we held the shape down on another piece of card and painted over it, being careful not to move the shape. We were left with lovely colourful pictures with a white shape in the centre.

This week in maths we worked on Operations. We practiced adding and subtracting big numbers. In P.E. we practised different types of throwing. Then we played a few games of dodgeball to practice our new found skills. P.E was really fun this week and we got some extra P.E. time as a reward for our great work so far in Rang a Cúig.

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