Hello! We were very busy in Rang 5 this week. Here are the things we have done. On Monday and Tuesday our Parent/Teacher meetings were on so we had a substitute teacher for both days. On Monday Mrs. Ryan was our teacher and on Tuesday Ms. Brennan was our teacher.


This week we continued learning about fractions in maths. It was hard but soon we got the hang of it. In English we are learning about writing emails and also read a story called ‘The Big Bad Wolf's Complaint’ which was funny. We did music where we all got our own instruments and had to make a story with them. The stories were great and creative. There were many different instruments and sounds.


On Wednesday we started learning about Hinduism for our Winter Concert. It is a very interesting topic to learn about. There are many different gods in Hinduism and we all look forward to learning more about them.


On Thursday we had PE. In PE we did an obstacle course and it was very fun.  There were 4 different teams and we did relay races through the obstacle course. Everyone enjoyed it very much. We also followed an art video that showed us how to draw a turkey to mark Thanksgiving.


Finally on Friday we started making our props for the Rang 5 Winter Concert. They are going to be very colorful and will look great! The play will be amazing!  Thanks for reading.


By Noah and Nicholas

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