Booklist 2021 - 2022 Senior Infants

Subject: Title: Publisher:

English Word Wizard Senior Infants Gill

Mrs Murphy’s Senior Infants copies Edco

Mathematics Operation Maths B (Senior Infants Pack) Edco

SESE Small World – Senior Infants CJ Fallon

Gaeilge Bua na Cainte B Edco


2 Project copies ASXP15 (or similar).

A4 folder (strong mesh folder with zip fastener)


Pencil Case:

4 Jumbo Grip Faber Castell pencils (No names to be put on pencils)

2 Pritt sticks (no coloured glue sticks please).

Please print the child's first name clearly on the front cover of all books and copies and please label all belongings (you can send in partially used copies from Junior Infants)

Book Rental: All the books in the Senior Infant reading programme are provided under the school Book Rental Scheme.

Hand washing: Please send in a small hand towel/face cloth in a small plastic bag in your child’s school bag every day 

Pre-enrolment: Please ensure that all siblings are enrolled.


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