The Perfect Park — Mount Pleasant Square


In hope of finding the perfect park

During 2013 RMDS undertook to open consultations with the local community, in particular the Mount Pleasant Square Residents Association and residents of Oxford Road and Swan Grove and also the school community. There are 250 children at school here in RMDS from 175 families, all of whom are living locally.

A summary of the ideas provided during March 2014 as part of this consultation are as follows:

The local residents:

  • Flowers and more trees
  • Heritage ideas, signage and some benches.
  •  The railings and gates repaired
  •  The plan should address the opening of the large gate, which may have been an original entrance gate, bring alive the idea of a ‘linear park’ and to enable passers by to once more walk through the park.
  •  The idea of up lighters in the trees was noted
  •  There was agreement that there should be a sense of openness about the planting and the park – facilitated in part by the opening of the large gate and by no additional tree planting on the inner wall adjoining the Tennis club.
  •  The proposal to explore an art wall, on the existing concrete wall was welcomed

The children and their families wanted the park to:

  • Dog friendly with bins and poo bag dispensers for dogs. Shoe scrapers at the gate
  • Bird feeders etc
  • An art space on the wall
  • Paths for people to walk under the trees
  • Benches and seats
  • A place to play football and run around
  • A concrete area for skipping
  • Chessboard/hopscotch in the paths.
  • Table tennis (like public parks in Berlin)
  • Water fountain
  • Lights to use the park at night
  • Rope swings, large branches and natural wood stepping stones
  • Castles/huts/ climbing frames/live willow huts some kind of covered shelter with open sides

The staff/ Board:

  • A place where children can run around, so it should not have a ‘manicured’ feel
  • that can be used successfully by the local community and by the school
  • where children can build and create and ‘hide’ but be safe,
  • that acknowledges children’s creativity, using natural materials that are durable, tree trunks, logs, stepping stones, rope swing
  • which is hard wearing, easily maintained and can be used year round.
  • signage that acknowledges the history and heritage of the park,
  • a design that respects the position of the park between the school and the square at the entrance to the village
  • more tree planting, some tree surgery, bulb planting and tree identification
  • repair /add to the paths and seating
  •  a plan that is cost effective
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