Thank you for all of your kind donations. Here is the journey of your donation. Ms. Stynes decided that this year we would help people living near us who are struggling this Christmas. Some people are ill, other people are minding their babies, some are lonely, some are out of work and some people have lost their homes. The charity chosen was St. Vincent De Paul and particularly the conference who work in the south inner city area, as this is very near us.

Lots of families from RMDS brought in food items such as, tea, coffee, tinned food, biscuits, sweets, pasta, rice and Christmas treats.



All the food and treats you brought in!

Packing the Food bags

Rang 5 and the School Council helped to bag all the food to be brought into the St. Vincent De Paul group.

Lots of work was done to get the bags packed and ready to go.


All our bags are packed and ready to go.

Rowan’s (Rang 4) Mum and Dad helped to deliver all the bags. They brought them to the room where the food bags will be individualised for each person or family.



Getting Ready
Helpers cleaned out the rooms and got them ready for the food delivery.
Kind people gave us a loan of long tables and heaters as this building is old and cold.

Where the food is sorted for each person/ family.

We were very lucky because different people made donations for example some families, groups of friends, small and big businesses, and a supermarket  as well as all the kind students, staff and families of RMDS.  We filled four rooms with all the donations from everyone.


Sorting the bags

People worked very hard to get the bags of food ready for each person or family who request help from St. Vincent De Paul.    We make sure that each food bag is personalized for the people who will receive it.

All packed and ready to go!

Once the bags are packed, we line them up ready for the night they will be delivered.  Have you noticed from the picture, that everyone got a Christmas cake which was kindly donated by a supermarket?


Bags of fun!

These bags are packed with Christmas crackers, board games, Christmas decorations and napkins. Not to forget the parents and people who may not have any family to give them a present also.

All the families love these bags of treats.




Some scary statistics

  • This year the conference from the south inner city gave help to 170 families.
  • Included in this drop were 162 children, 71 of whom are living in emergency accommodation.
  • 31 of the families helped are also living in emergency accommodation, some in hotels and some in B&Bs.
  • We also helped 6 families who have recently been housed and so are no longer homeless. They are now trying to set up a new home and are in need of the essentials such as furniture, bedding, kitchen equipment and curtains.


Thank you to pupils, staff and parents  for all of your kind donations and generosity. Happy Christmas and see you all in the new year!

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