From the Principal’s Desk….


The sun is out for Emily’s wedding today and hopefully it will last for the weekend.  There was a general good mood being shared at the gate this morning as we all enjoyed the morning sun.  Mount Pleasant was out of action for our second break so the senior classes had to use Dartmouth Square instead, on a day like today nobody was complaining.  It also gave our athletes a chance to practise some of their transitions for the relay race with a little more space.  The race will be held in the Morton Stadium on the 22nd May. I’m so impressed with how they are progressing and with how the children who have experience are taking on a coaching role and working as a team.

The weaving the whole school has been working on during the week is looking great.  Thanks to Bethan and the creative school team who brought the whole thing together. Thanks also to all the parents who dragged in bags of very heavy clothes, no mean feat when you also have to drag the children. Our only problem now is to figure out how best to use the paragliding wing we received as part of our call out for fabric  last week.  Which parent is most likely to fly off the top of mountains?  Submit your guess and the winner can claim their prize from the office.

We have decided to have a creative month for June.  It will be run along similar lines to last year's creative week.  If you have a passion interest or hobby and you’d like to share that with a class.  Please contact your class teacher, Aoileann in Rang 4 or myself to let us know.  Please don’t restrict your creativity by thinking that creativity is only in the arts.  We had some brilliant creative lessons in maths, programming and engineering.   If you are feeling brave and your child’s class has too many volunteers we might ask you to talk to another class. You can say no but we hope that you don’t.

This week was as busy as ever and I fear things might be getting busier as it always does at this time of the year.  Rang 5 were getting ready for the cycle right programme which will be starting next week.  Tony who has worked with us for many years was in to give an introduction to the programme. They always start using our yard so infant parents might have a few more obstacles at home time to avoid.  If you can pick and go as quickly as possible on the next 6 Thursdays I would appreciate it.  After the six weeks if everyone is ready and they almost always are, even those who have never cycled before, they go for a cycle around Ranelagh/Rathmines.

Rang 6 celebrated Europe day and honouring the spirit of collaboration that is the EU they worked on some of the countries of the EU in pairs and presented them initially to their parents and then to the whole school.  The highlight for most of the children is sampling the different food that was available at each country’s table.  The Portuguese donuts were delicious.  Ivana Bacik, a past parent was there to see the projects and was even more impressed than me.






It’s been a short week and short newsletter.  I’m feeling guilty as I abandoned the PA elves who pulled an incredible amount of stuff from under the school and are tidying it up and decided what to keep and what to find a new home for.  I can hear them as I type.  On the sunniest day of the year it was an incredibly generous gift to the school.  Thank you.

Don’t forget 

Junior Infant reception day is next Friday, no school for the Junior Infants.  They may be too tired anyway after their school trip to Airfield on Thursday.  The first tour of the year, the sun is shining. Summer is here… for a little while anyway.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and don’t forget the suncream!


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