From the Principal’s Desk….


If you haven’t been in the school recently it might be worth a visit.  As much as I love the big cherry blossom tree on the triangle as it announces in its own special way that things are warmer and  sunnier.  I am loving all the artwork in all the classes celebrating the burst of life that this time of year brings.

This week marks the culmination of one of the favourites of the school year - the ‘Write a Book’ event.  We have moved away from it being a competition in recent years while still acknowledging the elements that make a great story.  The Junior assemblies were a pure joy as each child was delighted to get their book back and celebrate being on stage as a writer.


My message to the senior assemblies was to try and continue writing from that place of joy.  Not writing to have someone say it is good but writing because it is nice to just wander wherever your imagination takes you.  The diverse and wonderful stories the children create highlight that.  


The student council from March/April were gifted a trip to the Podcast Studios where they  got to see both sides of being a podcaster.  The challenge of  talking freely and possibly the bigger challenge of choosing the pieces and sounds to leave in.  Thank you to Conor for being such a great and informative host.  We may even have a podcast to share with you on lunches in school, bouncing castles and stockholm syndrome.  How they all came from the one conversation is still a mystery to me.

We had an assembly today hosted by Rang a Cúig.  It celebrated Earth Day and all the ways we can work together to help fight climate change and reduce the amount of plastic in the world.  I’m writing this from the past so I haven’t seen it which I’m a little sad about as when I was walking through the school I could hear the class singing and I’d love to see the full production. 


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