Educate Together


In 1984, the three multi-denominational school projects then in existence - Dalkey, Bray and North Dublin - came together to form a co-ordinating committee, which was called Educate Together. This has become the co-ordinating body for all of the multi-denominational schools and projects.

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The name "Educate Together" symbolizes a primary principle of the multi-denominational movement, that children of all creeds, race and background be 'educated together' in an atmosphere of equality, mutual understanding and respect.

Each school or project nominates a member of its Executive and a member of its Board of Management as delegates to Educate Together. Through this, group information can be shared and support given, both to existing schools and developing projects.

Educate Together also acts to represent the interests of the multi-denominational sector at a national level. It has been seeking consultative status with the Department of Education and Science. This means that it wishes to be seen as a group which would be consulted regarding educational developments in the same way as representatives of other sectors are consulted at present.

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