Booklist 2021 - 22 Junior Infants

Subject:                      Title:                                                                           Publisher:

English                        Word Wizard Junior Infants                                         Gill

New Wave Pre-writing patterns                                                                       Prim Ed

Mrs Murphy’s Junior Infant copies                                                                  Edco

Mathematics                Operation Maths A Junior Infants Pack)                 Edco

SESE                           Small World – Junior Infants                                       CJ Fallon


1 No 15 Project copybooks

1 88 page copy

1 sketch pad ring bound
1 mesh plastic A4 folder

A4 scrapbook

 Soft Pencil Case:

4 Jumbo Grip Faber Castell pencils - no name needed

1 Eraser


Please print child’s first name clearly on the front cover of all books and copies and please label all belongings except pencils.

Book Rental: All the books in the Junior Infant reading programme are provided under the school Book Rental Scheme.

Please have two lunchboxes for your child - one for their early break (this will be the larger lunch. Please label this #1) and one for their second break (this will be the smaller lunch close to their home time. Please label this #2).


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