Rang a Dó

It's Time for Africa!

Over the past two weeks, Rang 2 have been working very hard on their Africa projects. The topics vary greatly from Freddie Mercury by our own Freddie, to African Elephants by Lorna and Francesca to 'The Big Five' by Lucy Mc Mahon. Did you know that Mount Kilimanjaro was climbed by someone in a wheelchair? Thanks Jake, great fact. Also did you know that Elon Musk's favourite movie is "Iron Man 2"? Thanks to Paul and Ethan for that fact. Rhino's communicate with poop and mark their territory . They can tell 5 things from another Rhino's poop.  Thanks to Bronwyn, Lucie and Mabel for that disgusting fact.  Toby and Wolfie discovered that the Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world. Hal and Robin's favourite fact is that there used to be a volcano in the place of Victoria Falls . Isabel and Elise informed us that the Arican dog has 4 toes instead of 5.  African Elephants' ears look strangely like the continent of Africa! Lorna and Fracnesca sure know a lot about African Elephants. The scientific name for a buffalo is Syncerus caffer . Thanks fro dropping the science Arthur. Rhinos have been around for over 50,000,000 years thanks Lucy.

Lion cubs are covered in spots . Very interesting Estelle, also Cheetah cubs are born with mohawks. Thanks Arlo. Zambian people eat dog! Wow Ben. Meerkats' lifespan is 10-14 years. Thanks Matthias. Elephants drink 154 litres of water every day. Brilliant fact Finn.

African art is normal 3 rather than 2 dimensional . An artistic and mathematical fact from Iris.

African Lions are the most social of all big cats . Lovely fact Rachel.

Freddie Mercury changed his name from Farrokh Bulsara. Thanks Freddie .

We made Masai necklaces and beautiful art .

Another successful week in Rang 2

Well done everyone

Miss Coogan

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