Rang a Ceathair

Happy pride month


Maths: this week we learnt about fractions and adding and subtracting fractions. Some people found it easy and some found it difficult. We did a test on them. It was a bit hard .

Science: we learned about babies and how they live in the womb. On day one they are only a dot like this . A full stop. So so so so small!! :D

Art: this week we made pride bunting and all of them were SOOOO COOOOOOOOLLLL.

Our project: we are doing a project on Irish counties. We have to find the crest, the irish name, 3 interesting things that happened there and some history.

PE: This is our first cricket  lesson. It was so FUN, everyone was so good at it.

Park time: We went to Iveagh Gardens to build rafts out of natural materials. We also went to Belgrave to listen to the natural sounds and create a song.

For English we are reading a book called Holes. I think everyone likes it. It's a great book. I would recommend 10/10 and my partner gives it a 8/10 .

It's about an unlucky boy called Stanley who gets blamed for something he didn't do and he has to go to a camp called Camp Green lake.

We rate this week a 18/20.


A summary of rang 4 week by Zoe and Julia

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