This week's Newsletter

11th December 2020


Thankfully the bitter cold has passed, I don’t think the school has ever felt colder than it was this week.  Our fresh air policy comes with a cost, not that you could tell from the children who still insist on removing coats as soon as they get out the door.  There are even children who refuse to bring a coat. (I think I’m getting old)  

In this weather and with the extra darkness you can see why people have been bringing lights and greenery into their houses for thousands of years.  It brings a sense of warmth and life which does something to negate the effect of the extra darkness.  With that in mind I wish you all Happy Hanukkah. 

The singing has continued all this week and it is very hard not to be full of seasonal cheer when you hear all the classes practicing for our virtual concert next Friday the 18th.


I know end of year celebrations was the topic of media discussion this week but I look forward to sharing a very festive and safe celebration of New Year Festivities around the world, with you. From the glimpses I have seen you are all in for a treat.  We even have green screen technology being used for the first time.


The first half of the concert will start at 08:50 with Junior Infants, followed by Seniors, First and Second Class.  Each class's production will last roughly 10/15 minutes providing all our technology works.

The second concert for Rang a 3, 4, 5, and 6 will start at 11.15.


We had an amazing Xmas Fair last weekend and it was well received by everyone I spoke to, thank you to everyone who played their part by maintaining a social distance, by keeping a steady movement through the yard in a one way system and by wearing a mask.  It was a lovely way to come together as a community even if we had to maintain our distance.


This Saturday between 12 and 3, I will be asking you to do the same as our Rang a Sé are about to see if all their careful planning and marketing will result in a successful business.  Santa, the coffee shop and tree stall will also be there.  We will also have an RMDS first, a whole school Art Exhibition.  Some classes have selected their favourite pieces from during the year and some have created brand new pieces for the occasion.  As you drink your coffee and eat your treats you can soak, in the amazing talent that we have in RMDS.


This is a sneak peak of the office window.  It is the art for the green school recycled decoration initiative.  We really have some incredibly talented pupils.  The picture doesn’t quite capture it, you will have to see for yourself.


We will be staggering arrival times similar to last week.  

Infants 12:00-12:45, 

Rang 1/2 12:45-13:30, 

Rang 3/4 13:30-14:15 and 

Rang 5/6 14:15-15:00.  


These are suggested times and we won’t be turning people away, however we do ask that you be patient, wear your mask, maintain a 2m distance and if the yard is full be patient as you may have to wait to enter.  Personally I’m curious to see who is going to hold on the longest in the hang tough competition.  I’m thinking some of our children could give the adults a run for their money.


The Parents’ Association

We have another first to look forward to this week.  The PA are attempting an online Xmas play which will be LIVE on Zoom next Wednesday 16th at 6pm.  The registration link is in the body of the email with this newsletter.  You must register to watch.  Book your spot now.  


Board of Management 

The Board of Management met online on Tuesday the 8th.

We wish to congratulate the PA for organising the Xmas Fair which was a great success and brought the school community together in a safe yet relaxed way which was greatly appreciated.

Massive thank you to the PA from the Board and the Executive for continuing fundraising in new and innovative ways and for organising events while managing to be compliant with COVID-19 guidelines.

Thank you to parents for your Voluntary Contributions.  Covid has made everything more difficult but we appreciate the support of those who are in a position to help.

We are continuing to look at ways that would allow us to have some extra curricular activities next term.  


The next Board Meeting will take place on Tuesday 19 January 2021.


News from the Classes

Between writing scripts, choosing their favourite art pieces, mounting it, learning new songs, practising their performances, the classes have been too busy to put their piece together for the newsletter. So for this week you will have to come to the school to see the children’s work in person.


Student Council

The student Council have been working on several things, helping prepare for the fairs, and helping to organise our fundraising initiative in the school.  


Next Thursday the 17th we will be asking all children/parents to buy a ticket for a movie which will be shown in their class or the hall.  You can send the money in with your child (where we will quarantine it) or you can pay online using our website.  If you want to add to the seasonal craziness and you already own it you can wear your jumpers and hats.


All funds raised will be split between two charities.  We have two staff members who work with the local branch of St Vincent de Paul and we will support them in their effort to help people in our community. All money donated goes directly to the families and vulnerable people whom we would have supported last year with food parcels.


We have also chosen the as our second charity .  They are a community group from Limerick and their aim is to raise funds for ongoing school needs and supplies for children in Direct provision.  Over 7,200 asylum seekers live in direct provision and 30% of those are children.  Please check out the website for more information.


I look forward to seeing you tomorrow,








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