SCHOOL NEWS in Brief…..

15th October 2015


RMDS PA QUIZ Tonight  !!!!!! 

Date – Thursday 15th October

Venue – Larry Murphys Pub, Upper Rathmines Rd

Time – 8pm


 We are on the countdown to the RMDS PA Pub Quiz!!  We have a very strong team turn out from JI & SI, but the other classes are still a little shy!   Remember, the winning teams are vying for class prizes. Last minute entries welcome on the night too!  

Avril Whelan, Parents Association


From the Executive (Patron)


Notification of meeting to elect two parent representatives (one male and one female) to the Board of Management
To all who have a child enrolled in the RMDS:
The current BOM's term of office expires 30/11/2015

The term of office of the next Board will run from 01/12/15-30/11/19

Date of meeting: Tuesday 10th November 2015 at 20:00pm in RMDS

The purpose of the meeting is to elect two parents representatives - 2 of 8 positions on the board of management.
The process is:

1. Seek nominations for male and female panels

2. If only one nominee on a panel that person will be deemed elected on the night.

3. If there is more than one choice on either or both panels a subsequent postal ballot will be held.


If it goes to a postal vote.

1. The ballot will close at 14:15 on Friday 20th November.

2. Each parent has one vote on each panel, and the person with a simple majority is deemed elected.

3. Votes will be counted in public at RMDS, starting at 14:15 on Friday 20th November.

4. Please be advised that vacancies may be filled by candidates who poll the second highest number of votes, etc.

If you would be interested in serving on the BOM or in any other voluntary capacity - Executive (patron), Parents Association or the Christmas Fair committee, we would love to hear from you - please email Margaret Bluett at

If you know anyone who is not a current parent who would consider serving on the Board please email Margaret Bluett at also. The guidance on good governance of school boards has nominations drawn from four constituencies parents, staff, patron and community.


The Board of Management has a term of four years. They are a critical group in the day to day running of the school.  We need your input to build a strong, diverse and effective Board.
Thank you
Emma Lane-Spollen
on behalf of the Executive/Patron of RMDS


From the Principal’s desk:


  • Please check for lost property at the gate in the morning. All items left at the weekend will be donated to charity.


  • Class photos should be available before Halloween.


  • Thanks to those who contacted us re 1916.   For those who have come back to us, thank you very much. We will be asking you for a photo of your family member so start going through the old family albums!


  • Choir members – please be at the front door at 8.10am in the morning.


Joan Whelan



Please book through the RMDS website, go to childcare and click easy payment
PRICE; €70 / 2 Siblings €125

Date Tuesday 27th – 30th October- Time 8.30-2pm


 Information from Caroline Percival on 085-1156506 or email

Ranelagh Multi-Denominational School,
Ranelagh Road,
Dublin 6.
T: +353 1 496 1722