SCHOOL NEWS in Brief…..
22nd December 2016

From the Principal’s desk:

• Well done to all the teachers, staff and children who put on such a wonderful show yesterday. Thank you to everyone for all the work that went into putting yesterday’s performances together at the Christmas Concert. Thanks to all the parents for being such a great audience!
• Thanks to Brian Nolan, (James and Juno’s dad) who has updated all the class pages and the Forest School page on the website for you to enjoy – just go to and click on the classes. To encourage you (and the children) to read the updates, and the newsletter, see our quiz below! We have small prizes for the first 10 correct entries opened on the morning we come back to school!
Write the answer to these questions on a sheet of paper with your name and class and post it into the QUIZ BOX at the gate/outside the office on our first morning back in 2017 at 8.30am.
The first ten correct answers picked from the box win a PRIZE!!
1. Who was the Junior Infant Garda Band conductor?
2. Who taught Rang 3 karate?
3. What did Max’s mum tell Rang 2?
4. How did Rang 1 get to Imaginosity?
5. Which teacher is leaving to have a baby?
6. What movie did Rang 6 see with their buddies?
7. What class did Jackie (the lollipop lady) speak to?
8. What was Rang 4’s class novel?
9. What strange animal did Rang 5 spot on their walk to the mosque?
10. What is Junior Infants’ golden rule?
• School closes today for the Christmas Holidays today at 12 p.m. midday and reopens on Monday, 9th January 2017.
• The only gate open for collection of children today @ 12 p.m. is the back gate. The side gate will remain closed.
• Season’s Greetings to each and every one of you and your families. I look forward to seeing you all in 2017!
Rosemarie Stynes
Student Council
It’s been a pleasure working with Fergus and Zoe (R3), Emma and Robert (R4), Julian and Lara (R5) and Charlie and Aisling (R6) who have represented their classes so well in Term 1.
We look forward to meeting the new Student Council representatives in Term 2.
Aoife and Shane (R6) stay on the Student Council as Comhairle members.

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