This Week’s Newsletter


I’m very much looking forward to a week when I can write a newsletter with no mention of Covid-19 .  We’re not there yet.  


It is great to see us start up some of the more normal activities. GAA with Simon started back this week and we are looking at how we can begin to introduce some of our extra curricular programmes after the mid term break.  It was lovely to see Rang a Trí trundle off to Iveagh Gardens to enjoy their forest school.  Here’s a link to the article Caroline our Forest School Leader contributed towards. 


We also had our class photos taken and I look forward to sharing them with you.  We were outside trying our best to look warm. We were missing some faces as families continue to do their part to protect us all by keeping children with any covid symptoms home until the symptoms are gone or it is confirmed not to be covid-19.  

We can’t thank you enough because we know it isn’t easy.  It is really important that we all continue to do our bit to reduce the spread of the disease.  We need to adhere to the guidelines particularly around  reducing our contacts and restricting the numbers of children from different houses coming into our homes.  I know this is even more difficult for those who are celebrating birthdays.  It is however, necessary.


We also had a visit from the Lord Mayor to launch Fire Safety week  and I felt sorry for Rang a Cúig as the traditional launch of Fire Safety week means a visit to a fire station, a trip in the fire engine and lots more. The highlight of the Mayor’s visit was learning that due to the archaic title the partner of the Lord Mayor is referred to as the Lady Lord Mayor regardless of gender. 


I also had a long conversation with Michael Noonan, head of the Parks Division about the issue of dog poo in Linear Park.  He was much more concerned about the effect 50 plus children will have on the planting in the park.  So much of this planting has already been trampled out of existence.  We had a very productive conversation about how we can make it work for everyone and together with the teachers and the Student Council and the PA I look forward to finding a solution.


Time has been funny.  The weeks have gone by so fast in September and yet it seems like we have been back ages.  It is never an easy month.  There is so much time and energy invested in getting things up and running.  It can be so exhausting in a regular year and this is no regular year.  Thank  you all for the effort you have put in to starting off the school year so well.

Thanks to the parents who are a visible reminder to motorists to slow down.  To the parents who are on yard duty.  To the parents who keep their children home and to the teachers who are trying to find the best way of doing things.  We still haven’t found a perfect solution to homework.  We are changing the way our SEN teachers are working as we felt that we couldn’t help the children in the way we needed to.  All our decisions will have the children’s best interests at heart and we welcome any suggestions or observations you have that might help us achieve this.


Have a wonderful weekend and to steal a line from a parent’s sign off,


Be kind, brave and safe.




Now scroll down to the interesting stuff, news from around the school….


6th Class News.


We did a lot of work on Ancient China this week including a project about separate dynasties. It was very interesting and we all enjoyed it. We look forward to seeing them all on Monday! 

On Thursday we had P.E. It was really fun and we played a whole-class game of dodgeball, which was really enjoyable. We also did a lap around the court, and quite a few exercises and stretches. We did a few dances as well! 

This week we did more Spellings for Me. It is a new spelling programme we are doing. We started a workbook this week where we have to practise the spellings that Spellings for Me chooses for each individual person. 

Lately we’ve been reading a class novel called The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, It’s very interesting and we can't wait to read more! Since it's the first of October we can't wait to see all the fun things that the teachers have in store for us before the Midterm break!


By Sam and Zoe. 

5th Class Newsletter

It has been a really fun and exciting week. The spellings for me programme has been going really well and will be starting our work book by hopefully next week! Some lucky people went to see the Lord Mayor of Dublin (Hazel Chu) and some of the fire brigade crew on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately they could not go into the fire brigade vehicles due to the Covid 19 restrictions, as only some people were able to go. The people that were not able to go did some really fun free art! As the weather wasn't looking up for Wednesday morning they only stayed for around 25 minutes.


In Maths we are learning long multiplication with decimal points and without them. It has been a big jump from 4th class especially in Maths because there are a lot of new techniques to learn not only in Maths but in lots of other subjects as well. We are learning a lot from Ms Nic A’Bhaird as she is a brilliant teacher and so is Ms Brennan our resource teacher. We have a gratitude garden to show what we are grateful for each week. We are learning loads of Irish here in 5th class with  ‘Léigh sa Bhaile’ which is our homework book and ‘Bun go Barr’ which we work on in class.


Ben and Kate


This week in Rang a Ceathair


This week Rang a Ceathair drew Autumn pictures in art using markers and pencils. In P.E. we played dodge ball and it was very exciting game. We also practised throwing and catching. In maths we are learning about the analogue and digital clock. For homework we read a story called Wise Aunt Alice. Most of us have finished Spelling’s For Me and now have all our learning words gathered, ready to be learnt. On Fridays we go to the park for golden time. 


Isabel P. & Nell

Rang  a Trí 


There was a tie with Pod points winners last week - Snow Leopards , Honky Donkeys and Monkeys. 

So far this week no secret student. 

We started Forest School this week. We made a zip line. We learned how to use the hand drills and we wrote in our diaries. At break time we had delicious hot chocolate and chocolate buttons. It was really great fun!


Rang a Dó


We made paper swallows because we were learning about Migration and Hibernation.

Swallows migrate and squirrels hibernate.

We hung our wonderful artist projects outside and they are being admired by all.

We made paper cubes.

In Irish we are learning a song called “Splish Splash Splosh”.

We made origami birds, they are hanging in our class.

We like to play tag in Linear park.

We have to wash our hands before we eat our lunch.

We are learning rhythms in Music, and the Creepy Crawly rap.

Miss Reilly popped in for a visit on Monday. It was great to see her.


By Mabel and Bronwyn

Rang a hAon News 


This week in Rang a hAon we have been learning about what school was like in the past. The children have been telling lots of stories about how school was different for their parents. The results from our bread experiment are in and the class were surprised to see how many germs were on the pieces of bread when we didn't wash our hands! 


Senior Infant News


This week  we have been learning some Autumn songs, we are really great at our songs already! We are also enjoying our movement breaks dancing to Go Noodle. We started GAA lessons this week with our coach Simon, it was great fun! 

Junior Infants News 


We started a new theme in Aistear this week.  The theme is the Forest.  We are learning about all the animals that live in the forest.  A squirrel makes a home called a drey.   Triangle, claves and maracas are all names of percussion instruments.  We sang a song about a Big Green Frog and played our instruments.  It was raining during Outdoor Learning this week but we sheltered under the trees so we stayed dry.  We played a game called squirrels and predators.  You have to freeze when Ms Farley says predator and if you move you are caught.  We are practicing our Jolly Phonics every day.  We know the letters s,a,t and i now.  Ask us the sound and the action.  

Lost Property

I don’t know if it counts as a lost property free week.  We still have an unclaimed jacket from last week.  I’d love to find its owner.


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