From the Principal’s Desk….

It has been one of those weeks where I can’t believe that it is Friday already.  While at the same time an awful lot has happened.

Forest School started on Tuesday/Wednesday for our Senior Infants and we get to see who the lucky teacher is (i.e. which teacher gets rained on least).  Therese started well as she got a beautifully sunny day while Sara had to contend with some showers. Both days I found myself in the forest to see the children doing what children do best,  playing and enjoying the moment they were in.  They do it so naturally and what we need to do is to help them stay in this place as long as they can.

Our wellbeing committee have been working on that all this week as we tried to be mindful in the middle of trying to get the Write a Books finished for the deadline today. See pictures and read more about it later in the newsletter.


Tuesday also brought new smells to the school as the children all got their hot lunches for the first time.  I got hungrier with each classroom I entered.  The reports from the children have been largely positive.  We still have plenty more options to try out in order to find what dinners we like best.  Behind the scenes we are getting used to getting the timing right so that the lunches are not too hot.  Our Green school committee have already been looking at ways to make the meals more environmentally friendly, one class is already looking at bringing their own fork in rather than using the disposable one we have been given.  Other parents have been in contact with the company looking to get more vegetarian options available.  It isn’t perfect but if we waited until things were perfect we would never start anything.  So I am looking forward to making it better while at the same time acknowledging that it has  been a great start.  One of Philip’s key messages last week was that the company welcome feedback and ways they can improve so feel free to contact them if you have any suggestions.

Thursday we had the Junior Achievement Programme run in Rang 3, 5 agus a 6.  That staffroom was buzzing with nervous excitement as volunteers from various companies got ready to go into the classroom and work with the children.  Afterwards it was lovely to see those same faces relieved and energised by the chats they had with the classes.  They spoke very highly of how engaged and interested the children were.

Thursday was also the final of the Frisbee World Cup   This is an event that is run entirely by a team of Rang 6 students.  I was very proud of how well they managed the whole event. The next team who are going to run the Football World Cup have a lot to live up to.

Today we had our first ever Dancembly.  It was a celebration of all the work the children have been doing this week for wellbeing, getting outdoors and being fit and active.  Dance is proven to be one of the best forms of exercise both for the body and the mind.  All the classes were brilliant.  The performances just got better and better. Culminating with Rang 6 excellent and very active dance to Waka Waka.


Have a lovely weekend,


From the PA…

The PA meeting on Tuesday was well attended and thanks to all who joined.   Plans are underway for sports day.   Anyone with ideas, time or anything else to offer to the event, please contact

Next meeting is Tuesday, May 14th.  


About Wellbeing Week …

This week we focused on our wellbeing in school and had a range of themed days throughout the week. 

Monday was mindful Monday where we had some extra mindfulness throughout the day. Tuesday was Talk about it Tuesday where we shared things that were worrying us and talked about the importance of sharing things we are worried about. 

On Wednesday we went on walk and Rnag a 6 went with buddies to the park and practised our dances.

Thursday was Thankful Thursday where we shared things we are grateful for. 

On Friday it was all about feeling good and we finished off the week with a dance assembly! 

Children throughout the school have been spending extra time outside this week and collecting sponsorship for it. There is a link on the website, in the payments section where you can make the donation for your child. All money raised will go to Pieta House.

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