School News in Brief….

13th January 2023

From the Principal’s Desk….

I begin this week’s newsletter with the sad news of the death of Louise Ormiston’s father Roy.  Louise is currently job sharing in Johnstown Boys’ National School but is still very much part of the RMDS family and our sincerest sympathies have been shared with her at his funeral in Cavan yesterday.  We have heard many stories about Roy over the years and know that he will be missed.  

The climbing frame has been up in the school for the past week and it has been amazing watching the progression of the children through the school.  From the younger classes where some children are literally shaking like leaves as they climb over the highest sections.  To the senior classes where some children race over and through it.  I got to share in the joy of some of the infants as their faces lit up having been able to succeed in climbing the highest parts and being so proud of themselves that they were able to do something which they were so terrified of.  I then had to manage my own fears as the senior classes vaulted over the box jump and cartwheeled on narrow beams.  The progression that happens in the eight years is truly remarkable.  That isn’t to say that some of the senior children aren’t still nervous but they have all learned to feel the fear and know that their body is just telling them to be careful and do it anyway (but carefully).

The Stay Safe programme is going to be happening in the next month in Senior Infants, Rang 1, Rang 3 and Rang 5.  The stay safe programme is a primary school based approach to the prevention of child abuse. More information on the programme can be found at

We will be continuing our work in gymnastics throughout the school so continue to be mindful that the clothes the children are wearing will allow for tumbles and rolls etc.

The extra curricular programme begins on Monday with some small changes to the list.  GAA will not be taking place this term.  Alannah Nic A’Bhaird will be teaching the junior basketball class instead of Annie Blayney.  You should have received word by today if there wasn’t space for your child in a particular class. 

Piano and Ukulele classes are starting today.  There are some additional places available.  If you would like more information please contact Anna 

We welcome Simon from Ranelagh Gaels back this Wednesday.  He will be working with Rang 3 and Junior Infants this term. 

We should have reports from the various committees in next week’s newsletter as we all begin to get back into our routines.

Have a lovely weekend,


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