From the Principal’s Desk…. 

I am getting some practice in this week for my return to the big chair when Rosemarie takes her maternity leave and I think it is opportune timing. 

Last January/February while I was the acting principal we met as a staff to discuss the Winter Concert as we do every year. There was consensus as there always has been that it was a stressful but worthwhile experience. There was a discussion that we have been doing the same concert for over twenty years and would we consider trying something new. We have been having this discussion every January/February for at least half of those years, possibly more. 

As a staff we discussed the pros and cons of the concert in its current form and we decided that we would have an experiment and try something new. The something new is going to be a more intimate and simpler showcasing of your children in their individual classrooms, in an effort to remove the pressure and stress of the big performance. 

We knew when making that decision that change can be hard especially when we are experimenting with traditions, especially long held traditions as anyone who has ever tried not serving turkey on Christmas Day can attest to. With that in mind we had a vote and the outcome of it was to try something new and if it works out we might try it every second year because we love the bigger show too. 

Thank you so much to the people who have already been at the Parent Teacher meetings, they are a great opportunity to get an insight into how your child is in school and to chat about how we can make the school the best place for your child to thrive. 

There is one more week of Parent Teaching meetings, 

Monday, 20th November - Rang 2 and Rang 3 

Tuesday, 21st November - Rang 5 

Wednesday, 22nd November - Rang 5 & Rang 1 

Thursday, 23rd November - Rang 1 

If for some reason you haven’t received a meeting time please let the class teacher know. 

Feel free to follow us on instagram for an insight into what has been happening in the classrooms this week. 


The things I saw and had a camera to take a picture of were Rang 5 working on building design using the Pantheon in Rome as inspiration. 


Rang a 6 were designing and building vehicles. You may also notice some of their incredible Ferris wheels in the background. 

I don’t like adding this at the end of my piece as I feel that special education needs appear at the bottom of many lists when actually it should be right at the top. A case in point would be the EPSEN Act (Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs) which was published in 

2004 but has arguably not been fully implemented. A group of researchers from the School of Education at University College Dublin were asked by The Minister for Special Education and Inclusion, Ms Josepha Madigan to explore people’s experiences of the EPSEN Act, 2004. 

They are looking for people to join focus groups to discuss this Act. I have attached their flyer which includes links to join this discussion with the newsletter if you would like to take part. 

Have a lovely weekend, 


From the PA…. 

⛄⛄⛄"Snow is falling, all around us..."⛄⛄⛄ 

Yes, the countdown is ON! Just over 3 weeks to go before the RMDS Christmas Fair! This is the PERFECT way to get you and your family in the festive spirit. So make sure it's marked on your calendar, and take a look below for more details (as well as ways you can get involved!). 


Date: Sunday, 10th December 

Time: From 11am - 3pm (Note we will have allocated time slots for classes to make sure the fair is not too crowded) 

Location: RMDS Yard 

Now let's face it, we know without Santa’s helpers, he would be a very tired and overworked man! And so.... we need your help! 

�� We need volunteers to help on stalls on the day - Email 

�� Rudolph’s Restaurant will return again for some winter warmer favs. Our food is made lovingly by our school community. If you would like to make a soup, curry, casserole, lasagne, sausage roll please get your oven aprons ready! We would love to sell it for you. Let Clare McCluskey know by emailing and turn up on the day with everything ready to go! 

�� Our raffle prizes are coming in HOT! And many are kindly being donated from local businesses. To buy tickets, check out the Christmas Raffle on the website! To donate a prize email 

Gráinne & Lorraine 

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