SCHOOL NEWS in Brief…..

 22nd January 2015

 From the Principal’s desk:

 Those of you who use the stairwells may have noticed the new windows which were fitted last weekend – for anyone passing on Saturday who saw the cranes lifting the new panes of glass into position it was an exciting sight! Thank you to the Executive committee on behalf of everyone here in RMDS for organizing this work. This is an example of where funds raised by you the parents  are used – this job cost €6,000 and there is no funding provided by the DES for these kinds of non-emergency works, which are at the same time essential to maintain the fabric of the building.

While the Executive is responsible for major building works, the Board of Management is responsible for ongoing maintenance. At present we are having lots of small improvements made to the bathrooms and we finally had the water fountain in the yard repaired! More works will be completed this coming Saturday.

 Be on time

Please keep up the efforts to get here on time. The gate is open a few minutes before 8.30am to allow everyone to get to the classrooms for 8.30am, the formal start of school. Class teachers will remind parents of children who need to be in earlier over the next week.


All absences from school must be accounted for. Please ring the school or email the office ( on the first morning of absence.  For absences longer than one day, please send a note or an email, so that we have a written record.  There are blank notes in the homework journal that can also be used for this purpose.

 The Green Schools committee have announced their latest competition on the theme of Water. Details on the Green noticeboard.

The School Council has also been busy over the past few weeks. Over hot chocolate and biscuits(!),  we discussed various suggestions regarding events such as pet days and pyjama days. We discussed the park and the planned improvements and we hope to get further news from the City Council next month. We are also thinking about a ‘clean up after your dog’ campaign after the midterm break.  We agreed to suggest that we have a siopa and a margadh ciste (cake sale) during Seachtain na Gaeilge in March. We are also looking at the possibility of a name change for the School Council and have asked the classes to come up with suggestions this week.  The Council are very pleased that the improvements to the bathrooms are underway.

  From the PA:

Reminder - RMDS Cinema Night!  Friday 6th February from 6.45pm in the school!  Tickets on sale at the gate Tuesday 27th - Thursday 29th January.  Limited availability!  This year, the movies are:

  • Rio 2
  • The Lego Movie
  • Paddington
  • Big Hero 6

Tickets €5 (includes goodie bags for children, and refreshments for adults).

Please note that the movies are available to children from JI - 4th Class inclusive.

See you there!


The Midterm Camp will run from (16th February – 20th February 2014) from 8.30 – 2.00.
Childcare 2pm – 6pm (CHILDCARE EXTRA)
€70 per child/ €110 for two siblings

Application must be returned by the Wednesday 11th February.
Places are limited.
Fees must be paid by Thursday 13th February. All cheques should be written out to RMDS Childcare.

Parent/Guardian Contact Info  
Home Phone  
Mobile Phone  
Special Needs/allergies  



Child Info  
Details of child(ren) for whom you are applying  





Information from Caroline Percival on 085-1156506 or email


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