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Newsflash from the Green School Committee

The Green Schools Committee got a letter from An Taisce informing us that our application for the International Green Flag award on Energy has been successful!  We were delighted! We called an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday to make plans to tell the whole school the good news!

On May 22nd at 10:30 there will be an awards ceremony at the Helix, DCU Campus and four members of the committee will attend. That day we will collect and bring the Energy Flag back to the school!

Then in June we are planning to have our own day of Whole School RMDS Celebrations!!!! and we’ll invite a mystery celebrity, very interested in Green issues, to help us raise our Energy  Flag on the day ! Stay tuned for more details to follow!

For now let’s remember to keep up our efforts to save energy at RMDS and beyond! We’re doing well!

From the Principal’s desk:

Welcome to a very short Summer term. The focus this term is on outdoor activities, given the lovely summer weather we are anticipating! The Hockey World Cup will be the focus at yard time and the competition has already begun! Conditions in the park have improved so the classes have the option of playing football over there again.

We are reminding the children in the classes of the importance of being good friends and of including everyone – sometimes we forget to be respectful and kind and to look out for each other. It’s  important to remind the children here in school that if they are unhappy or if they witness others feeling left out or lonely to tell one of the adults or to mention it at home so that you can  let us know. It would be great if you could mention these issues at home as well to reinforce the work we are doing in school. Any concerns talk to the class teachers.

Extra curricular activities start on Tuesday for a six week term.  Programme overleaf. There will be a box for collection of forms at the gate in the morning – otherwise please give the form and the cheque directly to the teacher at the class next week.  All swimming cheques should be given directly to Gavin at Rathmines swimming pool, not to the school office.

We have made great progress, in tandem with the local residents, with regard to making some improvements to the Linear Park in Mount Pleasant Square. We hope to have our plans on display later next week. Dublin City Council has been very supportive and involved in the process to date. With the local elections coming up, we would really appreciate if you have candidates calling to your door to mention the park, to mention the funding the school has made available towards a plan for improvement which will benefit not just the school, but the local community, and to seek the candidates’ support for our ideas should they be elected as councillors. You can let them know that the school will be writing to them over the coming weeks about our ideas.

We are always delighted to get scrap paper/unwanted art and drawing materials – please think of us and drop anything into the office. Thanks in advance.

Planting – the planter at the gate will be replanted next week – so you are welcome to take whatever herbs and vegetables this week and next. Enjoy!

Extra Curricular Programme

Extra curricular activities for this term will begin next week (week of 6th May) for 6 weeks and finish the week ending 9th June. The board will continue to offer financial support to enable all families to avail of the extra-curricular programme.  The programme for the term is the same as last term (see below). Enrolment is on a first come, first served basis and children enrolled in the first term are given priority for this term. Completed forms (see below) and cheques should be left in the box at the gate in the morning or given to the teacher at the first session. Please bring all swimming monies/forms to the pool in Rathmines next Wednesday – no swimming money should be left in the office.  Please use a separate form and envelope for each application. Please assume that the class will go ahead and turn up unless you hear to the contrary from the teacher in advance.

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