School News in Brief…. 

8th September 2022 

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From the Principal’s Desk…. 

As we come to the end of our first full week back we can feel that familiar sense of rhythm around the school as everyone settles into their new class and setting, and we are excited for what the year ahead brings. 

The topic of how we address teachers in our school has arisen numerous times in different formats over the last number of years. In keeping with our ethos and culture of respect, equality and inclusivity, we have made the decision that all staff members will use their first names going forward from this point. We have spoken about this with the children today in class and discussed how we respect all members of our school community in the same way. However, we will just all be using our first names all of the time. You know (and use!) most of our first names already but there probably will be a transition period initially, especially for the children, and that is ok for us all! 

A reminder that our Junior Infants go home at 1.10 p.m. from this Monday, 12th September. 

 Class Meetings will begin next week as follows: 

RANG 4: Tuesday, 13th September @ 8.45am 

RANG 1: Wednesday, 14th September @ 8.45am 

RANG 5: Thursday, 15th September @ 8.45am 

RANG 2: Friday, 16th September @ 8.45am 

All meetings will take place at 8.45 a.m. sharp in the Seomra Spraoi and will be finished by 9.40 a.m. There will be an opportunity for individual questions with the class team after the meetings. School Support meetings for parents of children with additional needs will take place before the end of October – SET teachers will contact you directly to make arrangements. Individual parent/ teacher meetings will take place mid November. 

Our Extra-Curricular Activities Programme begins on Monday, 19th September. Please find the timetable and forms below. 

The AGM of Ranelagh Multi-Denominational School Association (the company which is the School Patron) was due to take place next week but has been postponed. You will be informed when a new date has been confirmed. 

Please check for lost property at the gate in the morning. All items left at the weekend will be donated to charity. 


Please check the RMDS Calendar on our website for all dates of upcoming events. 



From the PA…. 

Thank you to everyone who was at the Junior Infant Parents Coffee Morning. It was great to see so many faces! 

We have our first PA meeting of the year this Monday, 12th September in The Hill pub at 8.30pm. Everyone is invited! 

Gráinne & Lorraine 

PA Co-Chairs 

From the Green Schools Committee.... 

Green Schools Tips 

Appliance Monitors 

There have been multiple price rises for electricity in the last year. You can help mitigate some of this by getting a grasp of what appliances are costing you the most. 

Last week we looked at manually calculating the running cost of appliances. To do this more easily and over a longer time period, you can use an ‘Electricity Usage Monitor’. They plug into a socket and then you plug your appliance into them. They cost from around 20 and use a screen to give the readout. 


You can also get a ‘Smart Plug with Energy Monitor’, for similar money. They don't have a screen but use an App on your phone for the display. They also usually allow you to turn on & off the appliance remotely. 

If you want to future-proof your purchase, look for Smart Plugs that include ‘Thread’. This is a protocol that allows different Smart Devices to properly integrate. Just be aware that any type of monitor can be wide enough to block the socket beside them. You can get around this by using a small plugboard. 

The monitors track your usage in kilowatt-hours (kWhs) and you can usually input the unit cost of electricity to give you running totals in euros. Some allow separate rates for day & night rate usage. 

You don't need a monitor for every appliance, but I would suggest getting a pair at least and moving them between appliances. Try monitoring each main appliance for a week. When you have a good grasp of what’s costing you the most, you can just monitor those offenders. It’s most likely to be something like a tumble-dryer and an electric heater. 

Next Week: Smart Meters 

Roland Ramsden 

Andrea Scott 

Green Schools Committee Parent Representatives 



Welcome to our first term of Extra Curricular Activities this year! 

This is a 12 week term, running from week of 19th September - 12th December Notes: 

Soccer: Tom Shannon is coaching the RMDS squad again for this school year, with Paul Power as assistant coach. Please note: Max. 30 places available - early booking advisable. If paying online, you must use your child’s name as the reference. 

Yoga: There will be no yoga class on Tuesday, 27th September. The last class of yoga will be on Tuesday, 20th December instead. 

All applications: Classes run on a first come, first served basis, and often fill up very quickly. Put completed forms in envelopes in the box at your entrance gate or at the office. Please use a separate form and envelope for each application. 

Extra application forms are available from the office, or write out the information on a sheet. Classes will only go ahead if there are sufficient numbers enrolled. 

Payment: Payment for most classes can be by cheque or electronically. 

At the first class, teachers will supply bank details to pay directly. Payments must be completed by the end of the first week of classes. Please ensure you put your child’s name as the online payment reference. 

Cancellation: ECA teachers will contact you directly if classes are cancelled for any reason. Cancelled classes will be made up at the end or, if that’s not possible, monies will be refunded. 

Collecting from classes: Children should be collected from the front door (Ranelagh Road) for activities taking place in the school. For activities beginning later in the afternoon, children should be dropped to the front door. Children doing classes in Mount Pleasant LTC, Linear Park or Herbert Park must be collected at those locations. Please collect your child promptly. 

Extra Curricular Activities are for everyone. Financial support is available and will be dealt with the utmost of confidentially and respect. Please tick the box on the form if you require support. 

To ensure that all children enjoy these classes, we expect the same standards of behaviour as we do in school. All children are expected to act with respect and kindness to their peers and teachers. Children who are not able to do this will not be allowed to take part and monies paid will be refunded. Contact the Extra Curricular teacher in the first instance regarding any issues or difficulties that arise. If that does not resolve the problem, please contact the Principal. 


RMDS ECA Timetable – Term 1 2022/23 


Monday R1-R3 ART (Jnr.) 2.15-3.15 R4 84 Aoileann Farley 

R1-R3  GAELIC FOOTBALL (Jnr.) 2.15-3.15 Linear Park  84  Alannah Nic A’Bhaird


BASKETBALL (Snr.) 2.15-3.15 Mount Pleasant LEGO CLUB (Jnr.) 2.15-3.15 JII  84 


Paul Fairbrother 

Maria Dillon





2.15-3.15 GP Room 

No class on 27th September 

Last class on 20th December 

CHESS 2.15-3.15 R2 

GAELIC FOOTBALL (Snr.) 2.15-3.15 Linear Park 




Michelle Woods 

Sara Reilly 

Alannah Nic A’Bhaird



HOCKEY 2.15-3.15 Mount Pleasant DRAMA 2.15-3.15 GP Room  84 


Emily Mortell 

Ciara O’Byrne


JI – 2nd 

SPANISH 2.15-3.15 R5 

IRISH DANCING (Jnr.) 2.15-3.15 GP Room 



Gerardo Antonio Sosa Aguileta 

Adrian Gallagher

R1-R3  BASKETBALL (Jnr.) 2.15–3.15 Yard  84  Annie Blayney
R3-R6  ART (Snr.) 2.15–3.15 R4  84  Aoileann Farley
R3-R6  IRISH DANCING (Snr.) 3.15-4.15 GP Room  96  Adrian Gallagher
R3-R6  LEGO CLUB (Snr.) 2.15–3.15 JI  84  Maria Dillon






R4-R6 SCHOOL SOCCER 2.30–4.00 Herbert Park 96 Tom Shannon 6

Extra Curricular Activity Application Form – Term 1 2022/23
Name of ECA Class:
Name of Child & Rang:
I enclose a cheque for OR I will pay the teacher electronically. (Delete as applicable)

(Parent /Guardian)




I wish to avail of financial support (Please tick) ☐ 

Please use a separate form for each activity. 

Extra Curricular Activity Application Form – Term 1 2022/23
Name of ECA Class:
Name of Child & Rang:
I enclose a cheque for OR I will pay the teacher electronically. (Delete as applicable)

(Parent /Guardian)




I wish to avail of financial support (Please tick) ☐ 

Please use a separate form for each activity. 


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Roll No. 19928Q Principal: Rosemarie Stynes 


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