Dia dhaoibh go léir!


'Tyger Tyger, burning bright, 

In the forests of the night; 

What immortal hand or eye, 

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?' 


This is the first verse of  a very famous poem by William Blake. We hope you like it, as we celebrate the year of the tiger this year.

Chinese communities all over the world have been celebrating since the 1st of February and this celebration will continue until the 17th.

In Rang 2 we are mostly snakes and there are some horses also.

Ms Coogan is a tiger. Snakes are said to be patient, charming and wise, while horses are hard working and independent.


We have been learning a lot with Claudia in Forest School. For example, we have been using a box saw to create beautiful necklaces and decorations. We have also been making dens and swings, and we even made some tea from nettles. Yummy! 


We have had a visitor to our class. Her name is Leya and she is Ms Coogan's daughter. She has been great to have around and we will miss her when she goes. Thanks for all the fun Leya!


In Irish we have been learning the months of the year to a dance that we all know called ‘The Macarena’. 


See you all next week. 


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