Dia dhaoibh go léir! This week we have been working hard on our newspaper reports for the annual newspaper from Rang 2. There are already very interesting articles pouring in from the hardworking reporters in Rang 2. Eilí shared some great pics of her trip to Thailand where she took care of elephants when she was only two. Wow!

We have also been learning about music of the Renaissance. Did you know ‘renaissance’ comes from the French word for rebirth? 

We also learned about Florence Nightingale. She was the founder of modern nursing and was known as 'The Lady with the Lamp'.  She taught her nurses about the importance of cleanliness and saved thousands of soldiers during the Crimean War.

In Gaeilge we continue to work on Caitheamh Aimire. Is breá linn bheith ag súgradh !

We hope you enjoy a sample of our lovely Polar Bear art.

Slán go fóill!

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