We were very happy to be back in school after the midterm break.  We are still playing in the pet groomers and more pets have visited us.  We met Bibi and Teddy.  They are Jamie’s dogs.  We gave them treats.  Tara’s cat Diva came for a visit too.  We have been talking about hard and soft materials in Science.  We drew pictures of hard and soft objects in the park in Outdoor Learning and we made 2D shapes with sticks.  

Look what we made with the sorting toys in Stations.

We made shapes such as a triangle.



Can you see the triangle we made with sticks ?


We made rectangles also !

We fed Teddy and Bibi treats.


We met Andrew's rabbits and his sister Jilly Rose with our buddies.

We met Eddie's dog Douy.  He is a rescus dog and he is 10 years old.

We did our Spring assembly.  We enjoyed it a lot and everybody said we were great.

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