Booklist 2021 – 2022 Rang 2

Subject:                      Name of Book:                                              Publisher:



Just Phonics                                               

Go with the Flow D                                            CJ Fallon

Word Wizard 2nd Class                                    Gill


Maths                           Operation Maths 2 (Pack)                               Edco

Master your Maths 2                                       CJ Fallon

Time for Tables                                               Edco


Gaeilge                         Bua na Cainte 2                                              Edco


S.E.S.E.                        Small World 2nd Class                                   CJ Fallon


10 copy books (AislingA11)

2 sum copies 10mm squares

1 A4 sketch pad

1 Plastic basket approx: 36cm x 26cm-NB:NOT a plastic box

2  Mesh Zip Bag A4 size ( please Recycle if possible)

A5 Note book for spelling

Working Audio Headphones in a ziploc plastic bag for use with laptops in school.


Pencil Case:

A soft pencil case, 3 HB pencils, 1 eraser and 30 cm ruler, pencil sharpener, colouring pencils and a round tipped craft scissors, (labelled).


Please print your child’s name clearly on the front of all books and copies and label all belongings.

Book Rental: All the books in the 2nd class reading programme are provided under the school Book Rental Scheme.

A new individualised spelling scheme ‘Spellings for Me’ is being provided by the school.

Handwashing - Small hand towel or face cloth in a plastic bag.

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