Booklist  2021 – 2022 Rang 3

Subject:                      Name of Book:                                                          Publisher:

English                         Oxford English Dictionary                                               Oxford

(Primary edition)

Word Wizard 3rd Class                                                                                                Gill

Go with the Flow E                                                                                                         CJ Fallon

Mathematics                Planet Maths 3                                                                         Folens

Planet Maths 3 Satellite Activity Book                                   Folens

Maths Challenge 3 - Revised                                                   Folens

*Time For Tables                                                                      Edco


Gaeilge                                    Bua na Cainte 3                                                             Edco

Irish/English Dictionary

*keep from last year.


8 copy books (Aisling A11).

2 sum copies (C3).

1 A4 pocket display folder

1 A4 sketchpad

1 B2 handwriting copy

Plastic basket  (26cm x 36cm)

Working audio headphones in a ziploc plastic bag  for use with school laptops.

Pencil Case:

A soft pencil case please. HB pencils, eraser, sharpener, round tipped craft scissors, 30 cm ruler, 3 large Pritt Sticks, colouring pencils and markers which need to be replenished throughout the year.

N.B. All children must have white soled runners for P.E. in Mount Pleasant L.T.C.



Please print child’s name clearly on the front of all books and copies and label all belongings.

Book Rental: Several sets of class novels will be provided under the school’s Book Rental Scheme along with textbooks in History, Geography and Science.

A new individualised spelling scheme ‘Spellings for Me’ is being provided by the school.

Pre-enrolment: please ensure that all siblings are enrolled.

Handwashing - A small hand towel or face cloth in a plastic bag.

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Ranelagh Road,
Dublin 6.
T: +353 1 496 1722