We finished off last week with Mr. Fairbrother teaching us. We created some entries for "The Tales of Hubda the Magnificent".


This week we started ‘Lines and Angles’ in maths. We completed a maths trail on the rooftop garden, finding examples of parallel lines, perpendicular lines and different types of angles. We also learned how to use a set square. In English, we wrote formal letters of protest and read the poem "The Crocodile" by Roald Dahl.


As it is Space Week, we carried out science investigations to find out the best material to use to build a satellite. We investigated the weight, heat conduction, electricity conduction, magnetism and impact resistance of each material. We recommend that the ESA use aluminium or aluminium alloys for their satellite.

We also wrote secret codes using Viking runes! Take a look at the pictures below!


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