On Monday we did our Irish “Go tobann!” (Suddenly!) posters which were lots of fun and we enjoyed it. We started Division 2 in maths which was all about dividing decimals using long division mostly. For English we read our “Healthy Pita Pizza” recipe.

For art, on Friday last week, we wrote a phrase from the 1921 Treaty and dyed the page using tea, which made them look 100 years old. They are hanging outside our classroom now. On Tuesday we did some gymnastics in the hall for yard time as we couldn’t use Mt Pleasant. We are having big yard at a different time this week too because of this. The line for the box was very long as it was very fun! :)

We started our Stay Safe programme in class this week.  We did a walking debate on our Stay Safe program about what we thought was safe or not. On Thursday we did a fun music activity where we guessed the movie that the song our teacher was playing from. We did more gymnastics for PE and it was very fun. On Wednesday we did more on our “Healthy Pita Pizzas” story and made our own recipes and added a magic twist to them. We have had a busy week once again!

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