Rang 5

This week in Rang 5 we learned about friendships and made our own timelines from when we were born. In maths we were doing the topic Data. We made a class bar chart about ‘Our Favourite Foods’. We started doing colouring during mindfulness while we listened to calm, peaceful music. We are enjoying this. We took part in our first whole school assembly on Friday morning and it was great seeing the other classes altogether!

We had two different teachers earlier in the week as Ms Nic A’Bhaird was out. Ms Brennan taught us on Monday and Ms McCoy taught us on Tuesday. We focused on our ball skills in PE and played ‘Around the World’, which was fun but was hard also. Finally, we loved playing our class game of ‘Heads Down,

Thumbs Up’ when we got all

our work completed.

By Rowan and Zoey

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