There were a lot more people in school this week than last but we still were missing a few people each day, including our teacher, so Ms. Brennan was teaching us most of this week.

We started each day with Mindful Colouring while listening to relaxing guitar music. Ms. Brennan checked our homework while we did this and was very happy with our effort!

For PE we split into three groups to do gymnastics in the hall. We rotated the groups between the climbing frame, the box and balancing activities. It was fun to do something different for PE!

In maths we worked on multiplying using decimals. We started back on our Spellings For Me programme and almost everyone has their new list of learning words for the coming term.

We learned about the Normans invading Ireland last week and talked about the Anglo-Irish Treaty which was 100 years ago. We watched a video about some debates that went on at that time between pro and anti-treaty people.

This week we discussed different communities we are part of and designed our own communities coat of arms, showing 4 communities each of us belongs to. 

Look at the photos to see some! 


We are looking forward to the weekend now! Enjoy!


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