This week we did quite a few things. On Friday last week we had the whole school Anti-Bullying
assembly. It was great. We also started our Rugby with Ken which will go on for a few weeks. On
Monday we started a new topic in maths, which is time. It's quite simple and soon we’ll be
learning about different time zones around the world.
In English we are covering explanation writing and we made a plan for our very own invention.
We spent quite a lot of time on it.
On Wednesday we started actually writing about our invention and wrote our final draft. We
used subheadings throughout our work like: definition, description, an application and a
summary. When everyone finished theirs we made a book of our inventions that everyone can
read. It’s called ‘R6’s Book of Inventions’.
Thursday was just our normal day. We did our English and Maths, and in English we’re learning
about words that are spelt the same but sound and mean different things. These are called
heteronyms. We also had art and created Spring Flowers using Pointillism.
We had a great week and we hope that next week is the same.
By: Sam and Mylie

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