Hi everyone!

We had a fun and busy week again this week.


Ms. Grennan set up a reading corner or ‘cosy corner’ in the room. Each day a pod sits up there for 15 minutes of silent reading. We love the new cushions!

We worked on the Persuasive Writing genre again this week. We wrote debates on the motions: ‘Should zoos be shut down’. Most people in the class were for this motion and agreed that zoos should be shut down. The points for and against the motion were really interesting.


Our topic for maths this week was Number Theory. We learned about square numbers, the square root of numbers and factors.


For PE this week, Ms. Grennan let us decide what games we wanted to play. We chose soccer and dodgeball which were great fun.


In art we used the technique of Pointillism to create autumn leaves. We used cotton buds and autumnal colours. We drew a leaf of our choice, cut it up and put it back together almost like a jigsaw. They turned out nicely and we’ve been getting lots of compliments.


We also met Dermot Bannon on Thursday. He came while we were on yard and we asked him a couple of questions.


That’s it for this week!

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