We have had a great start back for the New Year. To start on a positive note we talked about what makes a good friend and what qualities we have as a friend. We then paid each other compliments and made our compliment posters. Have a look at them here! We will stick them up on the wall as our compliment wall. We also wrote 10 things to do more of in 2022 that makes us happy. 


In English this week we started a book called ‘Bill’s New Frock’. We have started to talk about gender inequalities which is one of the issues that appears in the book. We are very excited about it and have already had some very interesting conversations.  We also started a cool six minute podcast which we really love. Ask us about the story. 


In maths we have been learning about decimals, especially tenths. 


In science we did experiments with magnets. We found that not all metals are magnetic. 


For P.E we used lots of equipment in the hall for gymnastics. 


At our Friday meeting we discussed the yard and how we are going back to having football free days. When we have two courts we can play soccer and when we only have one it's a football free day. We felt this is fair as lots of people felt there was not enough room to play other games when soccer is being played. We have also arranged a soccer tournament so that we can involve people who don’t usually play football and would like to try. 


We started the topic of Egypt in geography and history. 


In Gaeilge we have been talking about winter and telling the date correctly. Ask us what date it in is Gaeilge. Cén dáta atá ann? 


Our reward for keeping our class promises this term is a baking afternoon! 3rd Class bake off! 

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