This week flew past as we have been so busy learning !  Some highlights from this week were the completion of our pod posters.

Our pod names are:

Prancing Potatoes

Prickly Pineapples

Dynamite Donuts

Flying Chips

Floppy Pancakes

Here are some pictures of our pods with our posters

We started our History Projects in SESE lessons and have so far learnt how to take notes without copying the information we read. We are excited about showing you these in the next two weeks. 


We have learnt about the weather in Gaeilge and can describe lots of different weather types. 


In English we are learning about setting descriptions and wrote a little setting description about the forest.

In maths we are learning about money and working through some problems as if we were shopping! 


We talked a lot about playing fairly in the yard and what to do if things are not fair. We have also organised a football tournament in order to get more people involved in playing football on our football days. Some people said they would like to play but do not feel comfortable so hopefully this will help. 


We tried a shaking meditation and we all loved it! Here is a picture of us doing it. :)


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