We have all finished our Irish person projects. We will present our projects on Friday. Last Friday we went to Dartmouth Square for Golden Time. 

We are also doing long multiplication. We've found it challenging, but we are starting to get comfortable with the process. 

This week, we led an assembly about Anti-bullying & Wellness. We wrote the script, poems and drama ourselves. We finished off the assembly with a song about treating people with kindness by Harry Styles. We also did our "Helping Hands" where we each had printed our handprint and practiced giving a compliment to each person in our pods. We did a drama on "How to stop 

someone becoming a bully". We picked one group to perform their drama for the school assembly. 

In Irish we are learning about musical instruments. Cad a sheinneann tú? 

We are starting to play rugby on Fridays. We enjoyed our first rugby session today with Ken. We have also been practicing a lot for Peace Proms. 

By: Evan and Ollie 

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