This week we are dedicating our newsletter piece to Forest School. We had our last week this week and would like to share with you some quotes from our class about our thoughts on Forest School.


"It was a such a great learning experience for the class," said Ms Blayney.


"My favourite part was making snowmen from pieces of wood that we cut using a saw," said Estelle.


"I loved making a couch out of leaves and making wooden snowmen," said Iris.


"My favourite part was carving sticks to make a sword and tools for chopping," said Arlo.


"I loved making wooden cookies," said Rachel.


"My favourite part was making stuff out of wood," said Shay.


"What I loved most was playing eagle eye," said Matthias.


"I love Forest School because it was just so much fun," said Aron.


"I loved making a den," said Ethan.


"Making snowmen was something I loved as well as all the other crafts," said Lorna.


"Making giant piles of leaves and jumping in them was the thing I loved most about Forest School," said Anna.


"I enjoyed playing on the swing we made and also playing eagle eye in the maze," said Francesca.


"Eating our lunch in the forest was really exciting," said Hal.


"I enjoyed making a den and eating our lunch in it," said Wolfie.


"Making God’s eyes was my favourite part," said Lucy.


"I absolutely loved making our dens and the blacksmiths work place," said Arthur.


"I thought everything was amazing," said Freddie.


"We made tree spirits with clay. That was fun," said Finn.


"I loved carving sticks and making decorations with wood. I also enjoyed playing in the maze," said Elise.


‘My favourite part was making a bow and arrow," said Ben.


"Making fire was my favourite part," said Bronwyn.


"I think that playing eagle eye in the maze was the best part," said Jake.


‘I liked playing eagle eye in the maze," said Sam.


"The thing I liked about Forest School was using the blind folds. One person was blindfolded and the other led them to a tree," said Lucie.


"My favourite part was playing in the maze," said Mabel.


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