English: We are looking at character descriptions. We read a book called “Milo Imagines the
World”. The book tells us not to judge people by how they look and has a very surprising
ending. We also have been reading “Bill’s New Frock” about a boy who wakes up as a girl and
experiences life as a girl. We are having interesting conversations while reading.
Maths: We have been learning about measuring length in particular. We have been
problem-solving and converting.
Gaeilge: Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine this week was Robin. This week we looked at counting people
and told a story in the past tense.
SESE: We are still working on Ancient Egypt projects. They are starting to look great and we
can’t wait to share them.
Secret Students this week were Anna, Matthias and Finn.
Reward: We earned our reward this week and will be baking using cinnamon to celebrate
Brigid’s Day/Imbolc.
In our Friday meeting we discussed the football tournament. We have played some matches
and will bring it to a close this week. The idea was that we get more people interested in playing
football. Hopefully this will happen and we are all working on being more inclusive when
playing in the yard. We are now coming up with new games that we can play that will include
more people.
We also started Stay Safe this week and talked about feelings.

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