Dia dhaoibh go léir!

What an exciting week we have had! We kicked it off by celebrating the October birthdays in Ranelagh gardens. We had a beautiful day and everyone played away happily.

We had our final swim before half term on Thursday in Swan Leisure and had fun playing some games.

In Core Curriculum we learned about Dia Do Los Muertes and made some lovely sugar skull art. We also learned about staying safe around fire. There are two phrases to remember "Stay Low and Go!" and "Stop, Drop and Roll!"

In Gaeilge we learned the Oíche Shamhna song and read a story called An Cailleach agus an Púca.

We also learned about Bram Stoker and the origins of the Dracula story. Did you know he was a Romanian prince?

We hope you enjoy our Halloween snaps. Please visit the school website in the coming days to see all Rang 2 costumes.

Have a wonderful restful mid-term!

It has been another busy week in Rang a Trí. Last Friday we did our assembly for the whole school and we were really proud of ourselves. We researched famous Black people who fought for their rights in the past and we also learnt about Black people who are doing great things today. We read some books by Black authors and told the assembly about them also. We finished the assembly with Che Che Kule which is a call and response song from West Africa. We all said our pieces confidently and clearly and acted out the freeze frame scenes. Ms Blayney was very proud of us all. We will continue to learn about the topics we talked about as the year goes on but already we are noticing things that seem unfair or unjust, asking why and thinking about what we can do to make things better. One thing we said we would do is support Black authors and some people have brought some books in to share with the class.


Another highlight was Forest School, of course. One group worked in tribes and had to find a set of keys that were hidden in a den. The tricky part was that they were blindfolded and had to trust each other to lead them safely to the keys.  It was great. The other group had a very very wet day but didn’t care!! We put up the tarp and some of us didn’t even sit under it! We used lots of the tools again including drilling and sawing of wood. We also spent a lot of time defending our den and at the end we all played Eagle Eye while Annie and Claudia took down the tarp.


In maths we learnt how to collect our own data based on things we wanted to know about the class. We created a tally chart and a bar chart to represent the information we gathered.


In English we wrote a suspense piece in writing. Lucie won the prize for the writing with the most suspense. She had us all on the edge of our seats!


In Gaeilge we made a puppet show to tell the story of Oíche Samhna. We created the backgrounds and puppets and told the story. It was fun.


In art we created lots of spooky scenes using halloween colours.


Have a lovely Mid Term Break Everyone. We are really proud of ourselves for this term! :)


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