Rang 3

We have been settling into Rang a 3 really well so far.


We have given ourselves Pod names which are: Flying Fluffy Hamsters, The Minions, Black Panthers, Ninja Piggies, Golden Eagles! (These names were decided by the class!)


In the afternoons, as a team building activity, we had some Lego challenges to see who could build the highest tower and a bridge. Ms. Blayney was extremely impressed with our ability to work together as a team.


We did portraits based on the artist Matisse. You can see them in the photos below. See if you can see who is who in the photos by looking at our portraits first!


We made a class agreement after discussing what makes a good classmate and teacher and we have agreed that we will :

  •           Keep everyone safe
    • Be kind
    • Be respectful
    • Include others
    • Always try our best
    • Listen to everyone

    In Maths we played Buzz. It was a lot of fun!


    We have read some books including one about listening and have been practising tuning in and out of sounds around us.

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