The first term for Rang 3 has seen a few new changes! First of all, the children welcomed a new student and friend, Nicholas Finn, to their class! It’s as if he has been with us since the first day now! Also, Mrs. Desmond went on maternity leave after the Halloween break, and has since had her beautiful baby boy. We extend our biggest congratulations to her and her new little family! As Mrs. Desmond had to leave, Rang 3 got a new teacher, Ms. Statham. Third class have been such a great help to Ms. Statham, showing her the ropes regarding how everything works in RMDS! Another big change that happened was Mrs. Halpin left for retirement, so we had a big party to say goodbye. Mrs Halpin was also kind enough to bring us in treats to our class! We were very sad to say goodbye to her. She has since come back in to say hello and will be watching our Christmas play! 





One of the things we have enjoyed most about this term was Forest School. It is our last year doing it. It was such a fun way to spend our Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We learned so much about taking care of the environment and grew our appreciation for nature and the outdoors. We also learned how to cooperate with each other as team work was such a big part of the activities, such as building tarps and shelters together. We were also able to adopt a tree which was lovely to come back and visit our own tree. We played some really fun games too and also got hot chocolate and cookies to top it off! We would really recommend Forest School as it helps children to better their communication skills, physical skills, team work, is good for over all physical and mental health and makes us appreciate the outdoors and nature even more. We also made paintings and wrote about our favourite things about Forest School. 


Another exciting thing we got to do was the take part in the STEPS Young Engineer Project. In groups, we created prototypes of different things such as a homeless shelter, a hover car, an aeroplane and school for blind children. Milly’s auntie, Eimear, kindly came in to visit us and tell us all about the company she works in, SMBC Aviation. She leases planes. It was really cool to hear all about the different types of aeroplanes. We also learned that engineering is in almost everything around us! We then presented our prototypes to Eimear. We spoke about the use of them in the real-world, how we created and designed them, what went right and wrong, what would be the benefits in real-life circumstance and what we would do differently if we were to make them again. We learned so much. Eimear also did a really fun activity with us whereby we made wind turbines and spoke about how they work. It was very interesting and fun!


We are currently practicing for Peace Proms, which is taking place in the RDS in February. We practice in class every other day, and we recently went to the National Aquatic Centre to have a rehearsal with all the other schools that are taking part. It really was an amazing sight to see so many children doing the exact same movements. We are growing in confidence with our movements, and really enjoy practicing for it.   


At the moment we are learning all about the Ancient Mayan Empire. It is fascinating. We have learned so much about the civilization – all about how they lived, what they ate, wore, worked as, what they created and invented and how the Spanish invaded them. Interesting fact: they used cocoa beans as money! We did group work projects where we had to look up some interesting facts about the Mayans and write them on a spider chart. We presented our favourite facts to the class. We are also lucky enough to be doing our play on the Mayans too. For art we made made really colourful Mayan masks, which are displayed in our classroom and some of us will use ours in the play. 


Thank you for reading our news! We would like to wish everyone a very happy, safe and peaceful Christmas and New year! Love from Rang 3

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