From the Principal’s Desk….

So here we are at one of the most special days of the year.  We get to celebrate our wonderful sixth class pupils and to send them off on their own journeys hoping that they will continue to develop themselves as people and adults but holding true to the principles that we have taught them.  To be open to everyone to not just accept difference but to be inclusive, supportive and kind while still being able to know themselves and not let louder voices prevail, to stand up for what is right for themselves and for those around them.  Those are lofty aspirations and ones that we as adults might need to promote and develop in our own lives.  However you might not know this bunch of 12 and 13 year olds.  They are a very special group and I look forward to hearing about the lives they go on to lead.

This week was the most amazing week as we were the model school for what I think we have always done so well.  When I talk to other teachers they often ask me about how I cope with parents who come into the school.  There is an implication that parents are a presence to be nervous about.  Not in RMDS and certainly not this week as there were so many parents coming through the front door for various class projects.  There was baking in Rang 2, sewing in Rang 5, Art in Rang 4 and a school trip in Rang 3.  These were wonderfully collaborative events with the teachers, parents and children working together in partnership.  Thank you to all the parents who gave of their time even though many of them weren’t working with their own children.  That partnership is, I believe, one of the things which makes RMDS special.  While there has been more of this on show this week, it is something that we love to do.  If there is something that you are passionate about and would like to share please talk to your class teacher and I’m sure we can make it happen.  Any parent I met leaving was buzzing with the energy you get from dealing with children.  Tired too buzzing comes at a cost.


Next week we will be emptying the rooms of all the beautiful artwork and I always feel there is something missing when that happens and I can’t wait till we get back in September to see it all start to reappear.  If you share my love of children’s art, please take a walk under the veranda and through the corridor of the GP room/hall where each child in the school has selected a piece of art that they were proud of and is on display as part of our creative month.  Thank you to Therese and her multiple helpers for pulling it all together.

Today we celebrated Pride and the inclusiveness that the month promotes with an outdoor assembly.  

The weather has been very nice this week and hopefully will continue into next week because there are lots of teddy bear picnics planned as we finally start the wind down of the classrooms and prepare for the strange quietness of a school without children.

Today is the closing day for applications for the jobs available in our school next year. Interviews are to be held in early July.   Amal Perera who has been on career break for the past five years,  who was such a wonderful teacher, who brought a wonderful spirit of fun and laughter with him to every situation he was involved in,  has sadly resigned his position.  As a result we have 1 permanent position, two fixed term positions arising from job shares and career breaks and two maternity positions to fill.  We have teachers on the staff who we hope will be successful but we do have some gaps. The children where possible met their teachers or at least one of them today.  If your child is in one of the classes that doesn’t know who their teacher is please trust that we will find someone who will look after them just as much as the teachers whom you know.  How you react to the news will show your child how they should be.  If you are excited and open to an unknown adventure they will be too.  


Have a lovely weekend everyone,



From the BoM….

It is almost the end of another school year! It has been a very busy few weeks for the whole school community and thank you to the PA; school; children and parents who have made activities such as Sports Day; Active Week and Creative Month such a success. 

With the end of the year, the retirement of Rita Brennan and Therese Curran is fast approaching. The BOM would like to take this opportunity to recognise and thank Rita and Therese all their contributions to the school over the last number of years, and to wish them well in their retirement- Rita and Therese will be very much missed.

Finally, the BOM wishes everyone a very happy summer and is looking forward to welcoming everyone back in late August.


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